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Customers frequently pay with cash. How you choose to handle it impacts your business.

Your employees traditionally spend the most time handling cash-costing the business valuable managerial resources.

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Do you need immediate security transport? You can be a customer within 10 minutes!

Do you want your money to be collected? Then choose Brink's Collect Light if you deposit an average of € 5000.00 per week. Do you have more cash? Then you can choose for Brink's Collect. For entrepreneurs who want to immediately deposit their turnover in their own business, Brink's has a smart safe solution (Brink's Complete Light). The turnover is then credited the next day and is fully insured.

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Banks close sealbag deposit machine for security reasons

Banks and Geldmaat have decided, on the advice of the police, to temporarily close all more than 500 seal bag deposit machines. Banks are taking this far-reaching decision after a new form of explosive attack earlier this week at a sealbag machine. This means that unexploded explosives can leave behind and there is a risk of personal accidents for users, employees and passers-by. Banks and Geldmaat will therefore close immediately.

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Samenwerking overheid en beveiligingsbranche tegen overvallen op geld- en waardetransporten

De overheid en de beveiligingsbranche zetten de komende jaren hun samenwerking voort bij het bestrijden van overvallen op gelddepots en geld- en waardetransporten. Vier publieke en private partijen hebben daartoe een convenant getekend. De afspraken die hierin zijn opgenomen, hebben betrekking op het voorkomen en bestrijden van deze ernstige vorm van criminaliteit.

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